What we are proud of

The Creative Bureaucracy Festival is rethinking public administration and this year, it is using whole new paths to do so. International experts discussed innovations, best practice examples and visions for modern administration – all presented digitally. In the digital space and in our studio. You can find our success story here.
The “Falling Walls Remote” has proven how a science conference can be digitally implemented when scientists are unable to travel. Our studio provided “Daily Highlights”, “Winners Session” in ten categories, the ”Falling Walls Circle Tables” and the ”Grand Finale”, where awards were given out for the Breakthroughs of the Year. You can find out more about the production and the conference here.
An international conference in Covid times? Challenge accepted! Attention Media Agency covered the International Conference for Political Communication 2020 and ensured the smooth operation of livestreams, hybrid discussions and talks with guests from all over the world. How does that work? You can find out  here.

So close to the tiger.


We are creative professionals with decades of experience as editors and producers. We offer an unrivaled implementation competence with the help of our young, dynamic teams.

Whether with cinema, 360 ° or 3D – our multi-format approach effectively allows ideas to take center stage. Post production is not an endless story with us: Well-thought-out workflows make room for the potential of creative decisions.

Some stories can’t be told in fifteen minutes. We give stories the space they need to be effective. The tiger appears to be jumping directly out of the screen, or just as many tears flow on the TV screen as they do in front of it? Our reports are not just well-researched, thanks to our experienced directors we are able to tell spectacular and aesthetically superior stories.

Or are you simply looking to introduce your company to the world, while explaining your product to customers? Our animated educational films are the best way to go.

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Far away and there live.


The caterer doesn’t want to cater to 100,000 guests? No problem! We stream your event as an online happening on all platforms on the internet and on mobile devices.

Thanks to our professional live direction in our studios, in partner locations or at your premises, you can decide immediately which excerpts from the event will be broadcast. With moderation, live switching, a varied program and the integration of pre-produced material, we guarantee maximum entertainment and news value for your viewers.

You can see immediately how your event is received in our analysis tools and you can enter into a direct dialogue with your viewers via social media platforms.

We would be happy to research, plan and stage complete panel events for you. From years of experience, we know how to arouse interest through entertainment value, exciting questions and unusual locations. We convey information in a qualified manner and encourage your guests to engage in discourse.

Our event planners are supported by experienced editors who comprehensively understand the subject matter of your event, work it out editorially and thus ensure the appropriate framework for any event.

Is there a need to summarize the event for anyone who was absent? Should a film clarify the mission presented at the event to your employees or customers? Do you want to advertise a future event to guests? We take care of your wishes and concerns.

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What it’s all about!


Of course, we also offer our livestreams for press conferences. In this way you create a media response where journalists can talk to experts on site or from a distance.

The press conferences can be implemented both in the hybrid model and from a distance. In hybrid press conferences, some of the presenters can be filmed in a studio or conference room, while other speakers are digitally integrated in real time.

Our editorial team supports you with the conception of your press conference so that your messages unfold the greatest impact.

Our direction ensures that the dialogue with your target group succeeds. We can provide livestreams for the general public or for a selected group and ensure that inquiries and dialogue are possible without any problems.

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With patience and care.


Is your message demanding? Make your audience think! In a time of fast-moving, popular formats, we create long-lasting attention for your topics and enable viewers to understand your message.

Let experts comment on and discuss your questions in talk shows in audio and additional video formats, accompany topic developments in series episodes, present ideas in magazines, or position yourself in a series of talks. Do you want to involve your viewers live at events? The possibilities are many.

Podcasts shape debates and convey content in an accessible and direct way. The success of the podcasts is not least due to the massive growth in popularity of streaming platforms like Spotify. We tailor production, tonality and style to each customer individually and choose the right format for corporate podcasts, news features and entertainment programs.

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From the heart


In our studio in the Reinhardtstraße in Berlin-Mitte, we offer you the option of using high-quality video and lighting technology and an experienced team for your video formats. This includes remote-controlled cameras, professional microphones and a control room. You can rent our studio for regular formats such as talks or interviews as well as for individual events.

We accompany and develop your video content from the first idea through to realization on all your channels.

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Get ON AIR at any time


You want to produce in-house corporate TV on a professional level. We provide you with an overview and work with you to develop the right conditions for your corporate TV studio.

We are happy to support you in designing your own setup for high-quality video productions from your own premises. We will help you set up your own studio for video formats in order to meet your individual requirements. We take care of the technical equipment for the optimal video and audio experience and can create the optimal conditions for video productions in event rooms, smaller offices or even in corporate vans. This gives you full control over strategic communication and video format development.

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Ready-made Spaces.


We develop the infrastructure in your event area and are ready for recording and livestreaming with our technology in the shortest possible time. This allows you to offer your customers and partners livestreams and event videos that successfully convey the mood, messages and goals of the event, even over long distances. Invite viewers to be part of the event and to be remembered.

Large-scale, complex events and specialist conferences in particular require a video service. Combined with livestreaming and the recording of panels and discussion groups.

Our team will be happy to support you with the content planning in order to work out key aspects of your event.

The unabridged video material of the event is clearly structured and can serve as a basis for clearly documenting even complex topics.

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On the road.


In our modern studio van, you can move video productions to their desired location.

The van is equipped with complete studio equipment. This enables high-quality recordings on the go, from the van or from a new location that you want to explore.

Would you like to take a van tour of your company’s different branches or interview people from different locations for a documentary? We will help you!

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We look forward to developing exciting formats with you and creating multimedia content.

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